through good care of our product then we could take good care of our customers.

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Word from president
Our company's slogan "Made with care" reaveals our company's basic policy for years in dealing with various customers with various demands,I believe that our faith lies on the word "Care and Caring". Through good care of our product then we could take good care of our customers. As said by Antoine de Saint, "it is only with heart that one sees rightly, what is essentials is invisible to the eyes..."
About PT Mega Waja Corporindo
PT Mega Waja Corporindo (formerly known as PT Medan Waja Corporation) was established in 1975 on 2000 m2 land at Jakarta city, we started production in 1976. Today our factory had moved to tangerang (suburb of jakarta) on 48.000 m2 land with more advance- facilities with our long experience in the field, today we are proud to become one of screw , bolt and nuts major manufacturer in indonesia serving a wide range of customer... ranging from multinational company to small enterprise.
ISO 9001 Certified Company
Our Company's Slogan
Quality We understand that providing the best product requires more than taking calls, supplying research opinion, and producing the orders. It also needs to apply a quality checkpoint to overcome the ‘NG-Product’. For that reason, we may guide you to the most appropriate decision of the orders if necessary.
Precision Our clients have driven us to be ahead of global competition. To accomplish this mission, it is ‘a must’ that our product has to be delivered in a perfect and precise condition. Such standard can only be achieved by combining the skilled human resources, technology, machines with worldwide standard.
Experience By combining local knowledge with global perspective, we have served our customers expectation for over 3 decade and continue to improve until now. This principle applies no less today than it did before.
Care The ultimate test of our ability is our clients’ satisfaction with how we care for their needs. For that, we strive to fulfill your expectations in every way we can and we value our customers as much as we value the service and the product we delivered.