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  Production Machines

Screw machines is our prime example of just such a highly specialized machine in the factory. The overall operation is designed to quickly produce high-volume, low-cost parts. SPECIFICATION are Heading Machine, Rolling Machine, Triming Machine, Slotting Machine, Nut Former, Nut Traper, Automatic Lathe, Sorting Machine, End-Cutting Machine, Press Machine, Washer Assembly Machine, Tap Machine, Seamless Threading Machine, Cross-Nut Tap Lathe, In-house Wire Drawing Machine
  Galvanize Line Procedure

Highly automatic ‘IC Controlled Galvanize’ line process the final step of the screw production. The rail of basin in the continuous galvanize line coloring a number of similar but not identical units without having to be shut down and reconfigured. SPECIFICATION are Automatic IC Controlled Galvanize Line
  Heat Treatment Process

Screw with different kind of hardness need to be altering in this continuous automatic heat-treatment line to process. Next step will process in the baking furnace with controlled temperature. SPECIFICATION are Continuous Automatic Heat Treatment Line, Backing Furnace
  Quality Control Laboratories

Our commitment in delivering the best quality brand ensure that our standard has passed all the requirements and quality control standards set up by the international institutions. SPECIFICATION are Digital Micro Hardness Tester, Microscope for Structure Analysis, TV Measuring Device, Cutting Machine, Grinder Polisher, Copy Processor, Profile Projector, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Roller Selector, Drill Speed Testing Machine, Salt Spray Test Machine, Torque Wrench, Ring Gage, Block Gage, Hammer Test Block, Etc